My name is Larz Karlsson I live in Karlstad, Sweden. The history with photo starts when i was little kid. My father gave me the interest and magic of the camera. Today I am a freelance photographer who am willing  to take jobs all over the world.

The passion is nature, wildlife, sports and action photography.

Model shooting started in 2017 the newest part of my passion.

I am also a photographer in the Swedish Air force and that gets me closer to action.

I'm outside through all of the year and photographing. Rain, sun, snow, cold or warm weather dosent matter. Its my passion,

i live and breath photo so all i can say;

Thank you so much dad for giving me this interest and passion of photography

Learn photography and know your gear.

To enjoy your passion with the camera, to capture those images you see. You must control your camera, not the opposite.

You know the feeling when you see this wonderful nature scenery and when the picture comes up, the sky is white or the nature pitch black. When you gonna take that beautiful portray of someone

and you end up seeing the messy street behind or the focus on totally the wrong place.

I guess that its a reccogniceble memory for the most of us.

I also answer a lot of questions about the gear, what should i get when i shop? Its always a lot of questionmarks there.

How much can it cost, what is the prime targets for your photo, your interest or your goal.

I always try to do my best to help as much i can and come with my advices.

So lets do something about it

I hold photo courses for you who wanna leave the auto mode on the Nikon DLSR cameras, take a step further and controling the image instead.

Or the one who wanna learn some more advanced camera handling, day or night, long or short exposure, wildlife or action.

I also hold weekend workshops in wildlife and nature photo.

We go out and stay out, the nature is our classroom, kitchen and hotel.

This part of Sweden "Vermland" is in my eyes one of the most beautiful part of the country, we have the costline of Lake Vänern, we have deep forests and a rich wildlife with elk, deer, wolf, bear, beaver, king and seaeagles and a lot more.

My classroom is mostly in the nature or on location depending on what my students wish for.

I use Nikon and Profoto when i work so my language will be Nikon.

The Company is registered for tax and VATs

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