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Godkänd för F-skatt

My gear


I AM a total Nikon nerd, i just love their cameras. In my camera bag there is a Z9 a Z6 and a D850. I like this camera bodies for there reliability in cold or warm, wet or dry weather. It just doesn't matter, they keep working all the time. Why i chose this type of camera? I Speed and reability to have a camera with a shutter that sounds like a machine gun or really high resolution. The gear you get should be good for you, your intrest and goals. The newest member in my camera familly is the Nikon Z9.


My lenses is all from Nikon, 24-120f4S, 35mm1.8S, 85mmf1.2S 105f1,4 14-24f2,8. 24-70f2,8. 70-200f2,8. 200-400f4 and the 800f6.3. Those are the lenses i normally use but there is some old ones there that i like a lot, the Nikon 50mm1,4D and the 85mmf1,8D


For the light i use PROFOTO B10/B1X / A1studiostrobes, i can only say that i love them, they make creativity and the diffrent between a picture and a really good picture.

Dji has become a new member in my family, the Mavic Air2pro for capture from above and the Ronin S for normal video sequences



I really like to sneek around in the nature, waiting hour after hour, try to capture some wildlife in that speciall moment of time. My absolute favorite lens for that is Nikon 800f6.3S, or the 200-400f4 it get me close and i also have the opportunity to zoom in and out, but more mm yeah that is always on the wish list :)

The most common questions i get is; what kind of gear do i need to buy?

My answer is like this.

First of all, photo is both cheeap and expensive so how much can it cost, what can you afford and what will you use?

What images do you wanna capture? Is it landscape, wildlife, flowers, nightsky, action or sport, portrait, street or what ever brings your intresst.

There is a lot but only you know what you would like to capture. Photography is not a compotision about who has the most expencive or newest gear. If you dont know how to exposure the pic and use your gear it just wont be good how expensive or hightech it is.

Photography is about you, what you see, what makes you happy, the memories you will capture.

Photography is a kind of a drug, it takes some time but that day when you capture that picture that you think a pro has taken, well after that image you are sold. For me photography has become my life, my soul, my everything, it is love in a different way and its always there for me.

My best advice when it´s time to go shopping, use the same shop as me. they are just the best with a awesome service. Hit their logo and go find what you need.